About Us

Dear Doctor,
SKS Hospital is proud to be the first hospital in this region and the fourth in South India to install a 128-slice CT scanner.
The new scanner,
Somatom Definition AS+ from Siemens, with its 128 slices per rotation and fast rotation speed of 300 milliseconds, is the fastest in the industry on this platform, enabling acquisition of 426 crystal clear images per second with visualization of the finest anatomical details. This rapid image acquisition coupled with a very high spatial resolution (0.3mm isotropic resolution) allows us to reliably visualise the coronary arteries and the beating heart with high resolution. The scanners high resolution and in-built validated measurement software permit highly accurate assessment of Coronary Arterial Stenosis and the visualisation of stents for evaluation of patency. The new and unique Adaptive Step and Shoot technique facilitates a Coronary CT Angiography (CTA) to be performed with a low radiation dose (about 1 to 3mSv).
Multislice CT Angiography (MDCTA) is currently the best non-invasive test that is available to exclude Coronary Artery Disease in the low to intermediate risk patient with a Negative Predictive Value greater than 99%. It can visualise early atherosclerotic disease in the form of soft (fatty or fibrofatty) plaques and non-obstructive wall calcification before they are detectable on conventional invasive catheter angiography. It can be used to clear patients for therapeutic catheterization or surgery. Coronary MDCTA can be used to evaluate the status of stents or bypass grafts (post-CABG). Coronary MDCTA detects anomalies in the coronary arterial anatomy, including myocardial bridging. MDCT can also evaluate cardiac wall motion and valve function this information comes with extra reconstructions and post processing. Echocardiography and Cardiac MRI take more imaging time but offer superior capability without radiation.
Triple Rule Out study for acute chest pain is a promising MDCT technique that allows clinicians to rule out Coronary Artery Disease, Aortic Dissection and Pulmonary Embolism in a single scan that is done in a few seconds.
MDCT is also extremely useful in the evaluation of cardiac and pericardial structural abnormalities including masses, thrombus, etc.
In addition to Coronary CTA, the scanner has the speed and range to perform Whole Body Angiography (from Carotid arteries to the Dorsalis Pedis artery).
With its high speed, adaptability and image quality, all other routine CT scans are performed much faster and more accurately. The scanner is equipped with many advanced applications including:
· Extremely detailed, colourful and realistic 3D Volume Reconstructions.
· Virtual Endoscopy for the Colon and Tracheobronchial tree.
· Whole Brain Perfusion that assesses blood flow to the entire brain and helps with the early diagnosis of
Ischemic stroke. Definition AS+ is the only scanner in the market that performs Whole Brain Perfusion.
· Neuro DSA, which gives a complete Carotid & Cerebral CTA with the click of a button after a routine plain & contrast-enhanced scan of the head & neck region.
We invite you to utilize the advanced capabilities of this new scanner for your patients' needs.